Wayne William Snellgrove appears on the Red Road Radio Show Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Join us as we visit with Wayne William Snellgrove May 22nd, 2018 on the Red Road Radio Show. Listen here

Born Swayne Ivan Smoke, Fishing Lake First Nation. Saulteaux Tribe, Saskatchewan Canada. Wayne now lives in Miami. He is a survivor of the Canadian 60s scoop policy that stole indigenous babies and farmed them out to other parts of the world. He found my birth mother in 03′ and his father in 2017. The Canadian Gov. just settled with the survivors like him.

Wayne was stolen at birth by the Canadian Government and sent to the church-run/ state care orphanage and foster care. This was a routine, legal and genocidal policy of assimilation of the Native population by the Canadian Government in the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and the mid 80’s later coined the 60’s scoop.

Later he was adopted out to a white American family in the mid 70’s and brought to the states.

In 1995 Wayne won two USA Swimming National Titles, 5 kilometers and open water.

He was also a USA Swimming National Team member.

In 1997 Wayne was the 10K USA Swimming National champion.

He was the first and only Native American Swimmer ever to be a USA Swimming National Champion, the first and only Native American Swimmer ever to be on a USA Swimming National Team and he was named greatest Native American Swimmer ever by Open Water magazine.