Walk for Mother Earth Organizer Betty Osceola to appear on the Red Road Radio Show March 26, 2015

Join us LIVE at 5pm Eastern on WENG 1530AM/107.5FM when our guest will be Walk for Mother Earth organizer and Everglades resident Betty Osceola. We will be discussing the Walk for Mother Earth event kicking off this weekend and its purpose to bring awareness about the River of Grass Greenway project. The ROGG project has been years in the making and despite its rather innocuous name, under closer examination, will be a significant and invasive undertaking that will alter critical habitat as well as culturally sacred homelands for many indigenous people. A 76 mile long concrete and asphalt pathway between 14 and 18ft wide is being planned to extend from the Gulf of Mexico coast to Miami right through the Everglades and Floridians will end up paying for it to the tune of $700,000. to $1 million a mile. This land has already undergone man made changes over the years in the name of progress dramatically altering the landscape and natural flow of one of this country’s most important and treasured preserves.  Please listen, learn and weigh in on a topic few Floridians seem to know about right here in our own back yard. Listen LIVE right here on


  1. Frank Denninger

    4 years ago

    10 people out of Miami Dades 2,000,000 showed up for Dec meeting about ROGG – Bobbie and Shannon were there

    Why has ROGG hidden their draft plan since they took it off the internet 30 days after it was put up and refused many requests to have it reinstalled on inet.

    Why did ROGG’s Mr Heinecke break promise to mail Miami New Times Reporter a plan copy.

    Original estimated cost of 76 million now is up to 140 million in a matter of a few months as per this link then clik “Regional Trail Implementation Strategies presentation” go to slides 39 and 40 and add them up.

    ROGG = Destruction of habitat, Danger for visitors and motorists, Disruption of wildlife life cycles, Discrimination by selective dissemination of who and when people can view information