Greg Grey Cloud to appear on the Red Road Radio Show May 14, 2015

Indigenous activist and co-founder of the organization Wica Agli. His organizations mission is to reclaim the traditional understandings of masculinity and share them with the men and boys in indigenous communities. By sharing this culture they can again begin to create communities free of violence for women and children.

Greg Grey Cloud made news in November of 2014 when he led fellow pipeline fighters in a Lakota honor song in the Senate chamber in Washington D.C. following a vote that failed to approve TransCanada’s KXL pipeline. Grey Cloud was arrested and removed from the Senate chamber and given a December court date.

Judges eventually dropped the charges against Grey Cloud and and KXL was destined to come before lawmakers again early in 2015.

In an interview with Indian Country Today, Greg Grey Cloud said, “I was arrested for singing a song of honor to people who didn’t understand what was going on, but as indigenous people we all know what it means. This whole issue is about social justice, but a lot of people around the world don’t want to hear what we have to say,” he said. “There are a lot of people who aren’t able to come to events like this to speak out, but they still have a voice and they shouldn’t be afraid to let it be heard. When you truly believe in something, you can make a difference, and that’s what I hoped to inspire others to do.”


Grey Cloud will talk about his experience in Washington and how he has since been a strong voice for indigenous issues around the world.