Frank Kuntz -co-founder of the Nokota Horse Conservancy appears on the Red Road Radio Show Thursday March 2nd

Join us LIVE Thursday March 2nd when we visit with Frank Kuntz co-founder of the Nakota Horse Conservancy located in North Dakota. We will discuss the history and importance of preserving the Nokota breed and talk with Frank about his 40 years working with these magnificent creatures.

Nokota® horses are descended from the last surviving population of wild horses in North Dakota. For at least a century, the horses inhabited the rugged Little Missouri badlands, located in the southwestern corner of the state. When Theodore Roosevelt National Park was created in the 1950s, some of the wild bands were fenced in, an accident that proved to have far-reaching consequences. While the raising of federal fences provided the horses with a measure of protection, the National Park Service (NPS) does not allow wild or feral equines, and is exempt from related protective legislation. Consequently, the park spent decades attempting to remove all of the horses. During the 1980s, Frank and Leo Kuntz began purchasing horses after N.P.S. round-ups, named them “Nokotas,” and started to create a breed registry.