Dr. Shelley Lynch of Float for Life will appear on the Red Road Radio Show Thursday May 21, 2015

Join us as we welcome Dr. Shelley Lynch and Roy Desjarlais co-founders of Float for Life and advocates for a healthy ocean.

Dr. Shelley & Roy will talk about how they use use the Ocean Float experience in their practice to help their patients release emotional and physical pain while restoring balance.

Science shows that being in, on or around water is relaxing and restorative.  The benefits of the Ocean Float are many, such as the ability to let go of stress, feel calmer, more peaceful and restore balance.  Since being in the salt water creates a nearly weightless experience, one can relax and release physical and mental barriers. As a result, a person may feel restored, balanced and lighter.

At the Float For Life event, participants will partake in a small portion of the Ocean Float experience. Masses will join in the water, in groups of three. Individuals in the groups will take turns floating while the other two team members assist  by supporting them gently. They will alternate through the three group members, taking turns floating for 10 minutes each. This will allow participants to feel connected to themselves and the environment. Dr. Shelley believes the connection to the water while floating  inspires a call to action to protect our oceans.

“Clean water is a vital component of the physical quality of life of any living creature. It is essential for the viability and health of any ecosystem and therefore any organism. With human beings though, there also exists a psychological element. Our sense of well-being, confidence and optimism are directly effected by our overall health, and therefore the healthful quality of our environment.”

If you would like to find out more about Float for Life you can go to their website at