Dr. Karen Dwyer of The Stonecrab Alliance to appear on the Red Road Radio Show April 16, 2015

Dr. Karen Dwyer grew up in Naples Florida and earned her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English from the University of Notre Dame, graduating with highest honors, winning overseas research grants and lecturing at Princeton and Chicago.  She has lived in Naples, Florida over 50 years and has been closely involved in the Fair Food Program, immigration reform, human rights work, the anti-nuclear movement, war resistance, and climate justice.  Her group, the Stonecrab Alliance, was formed in the 1970s when it helped stop a nuclear power plant from being built in Bonita Springs.  The group works on a wide range of environmental and human rights issue.  For instance, they successfully petitioned Collier County to include mandatory sidewalks and bike paths for every new road as well as helped get an inmate off death row by securing DNA tests that led to his sentence being vacated.


For the last two years the group, along with others, has been working to stop new Everglades oil drilling and fracking.  They’re still celebrating a milestone victory.  In 2014, the Texas oil company, Dan A. Hughes, has abandoned all plans to explore for oil in Southwest Florida.   After protests, penalties, and lawsuits, the company terminated its 115,000-acre lease while the state revoked all its permits and filed a lawsuit for clean up.  This means 115,000 acres in the heart of the Everglades, some, only 1000 feet from homes, has been saved from drilling and fracking.  Most significantly the proposed drill site that placed 30 families in an emergency evacuation zone was turned into a watermelon field. Even bigger news is that the state has suspended all new drilling until they update their oil and gas regulations and Senator’s Soto and Bullard have filed a bill to ban fracking in Florida.  A victory like this doesn’t happen often.   And so Dr. Dwyer will be giving a frontline report on fracking in Florida and how a small group of committed people help shutdown Big Oil.


On a personal note, Karen is married to Dr. John Dwyer, has a son and four step-children, and lives on two and half acres heavily planted in native plants as well as an assortment of herb, vegetable, flower, butterfly, hanging, and water gardens. They also have a fruit orchard and keep bees and chickens, while bird baths and feeders attract everything from painting buntings to pileated woodpeckers to great horned owls.  She is passionate about gardening and making the world a better place for everyone.

Dr. Dwyer will be updating us on a recent Collier County Board of County Commissioners meeting when an important agenda item about fracking regulation was pulled before public comment could be offered.

This issue is important to all Floridians.


  1. Terry neumann

    3 years ago

    Great Lew, thank you for sending out Karen’s voice the sound of reason. Blessings, can’t wait to listen to the show! (Karen’s ) sister Terry from St Augustine

    • Thank you Terry. Having Dr. Dwyer on the show was our pleasure. We will continue to amplify voices of reason whenever and wherever it is needed. Thank you for tuning in!

  2. Terry Neumann

    3 years ago

    Waiting patiently…

  3. Dona Knapp

    3 years ago

    Thank you Lew for hosting Karen, last Tuesday at the collier county commissioners was a shameful event, in the 2 years we have been attending on oil and fracking in our county, we have been insulted and once I was threatened that unless I left the podium I would be arrested, never before did we have our first amendment rights violated!